Speaking Engagements

From 2012-2019, Mr. Pontius served as the Co-Chair of the Tax Section of the Bar Association of Montgomery County Maryland.  Mr. Pontius wrote articles for the newsletter on recent tax developments.  He led meetings on tax topics and coordinated Continuing Legal Education (CLE) classes on technical tax topics such as buy-sell agreements for closely held businesses. The following list is a summary of his recent speaking engagements.

  • Demystifying IRS Letters While Resolving IRS Liens and Levies, Annual Meeting of the Bar Association of Montgomery County, May 2019
  • Updates on Denial or Revocation of US Passport for Seriously Delinquent Tax Debtors, DC Bar, March 2019
  • The Impact of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) on the Taxation of Individuals, Annual Tax Law Conference of the Federal Bar Association, March 2019
  • Liens, Levies, and Collection Alternatives with the IRS and Maryland, Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service, January 2019
  • Techniques for Maximizing Charitable Giving, Maryland Society of Accounting and Tax Professionals, December 2018
  • An Overview of Civil and Criminal Tax Litigation for Accountants, Maryland Chapter of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts, November 2018
  • Getting Tax Documents from Uncle Sam: Tips for the Tax Practitioner, Maryland Society of Accounting and Tax Professionals, November 2018
  • The Basics of FIRPTA Withholding for G-4 Visa Holders, PAHO/WHO Federal Credit Union, October 2018


Client Reviews
John helped us with a DC tax audit and succeeded in getting us a "no change" final decision. The issues were related to two flow-through entities and the use of carry-forward operating losses -- something that the DC auditors struggled to understand and with which they did not have any...
Paul A
Mr. Pontius is extremely professional and was able to take care of my tax returns which includes international bank accounts quickly and at a very reasonable price. Would definitely recommend.
I received a fee this past November from the IRS for over $800 because of an error I made on my 2016 taxes. I called my cousin, John Pontius, and he immediately knew what steps needed to be taken. Thanks to him, the fee was cleared. A 10 minute conversation...
As an American citizen living in the Middle East my local banker informed me that I needed to file FBARs and report my worldwide income to the IRS. Through the recommendation of another attorney at an international law firm, I was introduced to John Pontius. Mr. Pontius efficiently and effectively...
Kareem S
John handled a difficult IRS lien for my client. He was excellent in getting the lien released so we could close on the property. I would highly recommend John .
Bobbie M
We were seeking tax advice with managing two properties, LLC, as well as some future financial planning. John responded to my call in a timely manner and was happy to answer our questions while referring us to specialists who can manage our accounts on a more regular basis.
Janelle M
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