Both state and federal laws are clear in stating that individuals and businesses that earn an income must pay a percentage of taxes to the government. From the federal perspective, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has broad powers to collect these funds.

If the IRS believes that you have not provided proper payment in the form of taxes, it may initiate an audit. In other scenarios, your audit is the product of a random selection. In either case, it is essential that you move to protect your rights and finances with a dependable tax attorney.

A Rockville IRS audit and appeals lawyer might be able to help you. An attorney could explain the audit process and assist in the gathering and submission of financial data. If an audit results in a disagreement between the IRS and a payor, an attorney could work to pursue an appeal.

Why Would the IRS Initiate an Audit?

The function of the IRS is to ensure that all parties provide proper tax payments to the government. This includes an examination of tax returns for correct payment amounts as well as the proper use of deductions. If the IRS believes that an underpayment has occurred, it may select a tax return for an audit. In other situations, an audit may be the product of a random selection. In either case, parties identified for an audit must protect themselves.

The outcome of an audit can have severe consequences. If the IRS determines that an underpayment has occurred, it can demand immediate payment. A Rockville tax audit lawyer could assist in guiding someone through the audit process. This could include assembling all of the relevant documents to mail into the IRS or to present at a face-to-face meeting.

Can a Taxpayer Appeal the Outcome of an Audit?

While it is true that most parties will need to pay taxes to the government as a matter of law, this does not mean that the IRS can act outside of the scope of its authority. Specifically, the Taxpayer Bill of Rights § 5 states that all parties retain a right of appeal following an IRS decision. This even applies to cases involving an audit.

An appeal might be necessary when the result of an audit is a disagreement over payment amounts. If the IRS determines that a payor owes money and the payor does not agree, various options exist to contest this finding. Taxpayers can request an appeal with the IRS Independent Office of Appeals for federal cases or the Comptroller’s Office of Hearings and Appeals for Maryland cases. In addition, courts have jurisdiction to hear cases involving the actions of the IRS. A Rockville audit appeals attorney could help someone select the course of action that is right for them.

Let a Rockville IRS Audit and Appeals Attorney Guide You

The IRS takes its obligations to gather tax revenue seriously. As part of this mission, it has the power to audit accounts and demand the payment of additional funds. However, individuals and businesses who receive notice of an audit are not powerless.

A Rockville IRS audit and appeals lawyer could help to protect your rights during all IRS disputes. During the audit process, a lawyer could assist in gathering documentation and arguing for your rights. If the IRS issues a disputed ruling, an attorney could pursue an appeal using every available legal option. Contact a lawyer today to get started.